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Bio 1: Library Research for Science Students

Selecting Your Topic

If you are having difficulty selecting a topic watch this video. It may give you some ideas to help you tackle your project.

North Carolina State University Libraries, Video: 3:10

Optional: Still Stuck Trying to Find a Good Topic?

Concept Map (or Mind Map) helps you develop your topic. It is simply a visual way of looking at your ideas and how they relate to each other. 

  • First, watch the 3 minute video from Penn State University Libraries
  • Then create your own-using pen and paper or this one from which allows you to input your ideas online and then print the results

3. Creating An Effective Search Strategy

Save time and find what you need by setting up an effective search strategy.

  • First, watch the 3 minute video from Purdue University Libraries
  • Then use this Search Strategy Builder from the University of Arizona Libraries to develop your list of keywords.
  • If you are required to turn in your search strategy, use this blank worksheet 

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