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English 5 & 10/11

Evaluating Information Sources

The CRAAP Test can help you remember to evaluate your sources...think about the following questions:

C - Currency

  • When was the information last updated? 
  • Have newer articles been published on your topic?
  • Are links and other sources up to date?

R - Relevance

  • Does the information answer your research question?
  • Meet the stated requirements of the assignment?
  • Is the info too technical or too simplified for your use?
  • Does the source add something new to your knowledge of the topic?

A - Authority

  • What are the author's credentials?
  • Are they affiliated with an educational institution or prominent organization?
  • Do other books or authors cite this author?

A - Accuracy

  • Was the information reviewed by editors or subject experts before it was published?
  • What citations or references support the author's claims?
  • What are others saying about this topic?

P - Purpose

  • Is the author's purpose to sell, persuade, entertain, or inform?
  • Are there alternative points of view presented?
  • Does the author use strong or emotional language?
  • Are important facts or data left out that might disprove the claims?


Identifying Scholarly, Peer-reviewed Sources

  • From Bow Valley College's Library & Learning College
  • Helpful tips to identify the type of source you're looking at!