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Political Science & Government Study

Using OneSearch - the CSUS Library Catalog

OneSearch is the CSUS Library catalog and contains the material holdings of the CSUS Library including books and videos. 

Use the multi-box ADVANCED SEARCH to search more precisely by title, author, keyword or subject. Then limit results to BOOKS and then limit again to items in the Library by clicking on the Library Catalog link under options listed to the left of screen.

See the Library Research Guide below for more help using ONESEARCH and locating materials in the Library.

Course Reserves, Theses, Dissertations

Use OneSearch, the Library catalog, to locate course reserves, theses.

Course Reserves :  search for any material your professor may have reserved for assigned readings. You can search by course code or professor name.

Thesis using OneSearch select 'Theses' or 'Dissertations' in the Material Type on the right side of the search boxes.  CSUS Theses can also be located using ScholarWorks.

Dissertations can be located using the Dissertations and Theses Full Text - Part A: Humanities and Social Sciences (ProQuest) database.


The CSUS Library has a variety of e-boook collections. Use the guide,  Find e-books for information about the collections and instruction on searching for e-books.

Browse the shelves

Books on Political Science are located on the 3th floor of the Library (except Reference books which are on 2 North.) Browse the shelves by call number to see the Library's holdings. See the specific tabs above for additional books and materials on those topics.
JA 1-92                 Political Science (General)


JC 11-605            Political theory. The state. Theories of state.
JC 49                    Islamic state
JC 131-273         Modern state
JC 177-178         Thomas Paine
JC 311-314         Nationalism. Nation state

JF 20-2112          Political institutions and public
JF 799-1177        Political rights. Political participation
JF 2011-2122      Political parties

JJ 1000-1019      Political Institutions and public admin.
                               (North America)

JK 1-9593            United States

Jl -3899               Canada, Latin America

JN 1-9689            Europe
JN 101-1371       Great Britain
JN 2301-3007     France
JN 3201-4944     Germany
JN 6500-6598     Soviet Union. Russia. Former Soviet
JN 7011-7066     Scandinavia. Northern Europe

JQ 21-6651         Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc
JQ 200-620         India
JQ 1499-1749    East Asia. Including China, Japan, Korea
JQ1758-1852     Middle East
JQ 1870-3981    Africa

More help to locate books