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The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare

This digital colleciton to The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare, (BBC Shakespeare Plays) which were produced by the BBC for television between 1978 and 1985, includes 37 of Shakespeare's 38 plays in their entirety (the exception is The Two Noble Kinsmen, which was not included in either the first or second folio: These plays are streamed; no downloading is required.  The televised plays are based on Shakespeare's Complete Works, edited by Peter Alexander ( Shakespeare, William and Peter Alexander.  The Complete Works.  New Edition. London: Collins, 1951, Print.).

Tips for Searching:  If you are searching by title and getting no results, try eliminating the articles a, an, or the from the beginning of the title.  For example, the database recognizes "Merchant of Venice" rather than "The Merchant of Venice."