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GM 105 - Strategic Management - Hironaka


Additional resources - Local Case

B. What to Name Your Product or Service

Do a search in OneSearch with "Brand Name Products" then limit to books under "Resource Type." You get titles such as Designing Brand Identity available both in print and e-book.

C. Legal Form of the Company

For books on the legal forms of companies do a search in OneSearch with the phrases: "New Business Enterprises Finance", "Business Planning" and "Venture Capital" then limit to books under "Resource Type."

D. Organizational Members

For examples of organizational charts, do a Subject search in OneSearch using "Organization Charts" then limit to books under "Resource Type."

F. Mission Statements

For examples of Mission Statements do a SUBJECT search in OneSearch  with phrase "Mission Statements" then limit to books under "Resource Type."

Mission Statements are also found, sometimes, in Annual Reports or in the "President's Message to Stockholders" often containing statements of objectives and goals with some ethical content.

G. Objectives

Once again, books with subject heading "Strategic Planning" "Business Planning" and "New Business Enterprises Finance" should provide guides for creating your own strategic and financial objectives.

J. Acquisition Sources and Costs

Contact suppliers listed in some of the following sources:

Also consult Encyclopedia of Products & Industries--Manufacturing - Ref HD 9720.5 E53 2008 - Individual products get in-depth analysis including key producers, supply chain, distribution channel, adjacent markets, trends, and target markets. Not all products are covered, but you might get lucky!

L. Functional Strategies

  • We have books on all these topics! For example, search OneSearch for "business process", logistics, et. to find them.