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GM 105 - Strategic Management - Hironaka

Sacramento Consumers

Demographics & Market Potential

Comsumer Demographics - Foreign Case

Euromonitor publishes the following volumes which are a great source for a wide variety of economic, demographic, consumer, and marketing statistics. All are available in print at 2 North Reference.

European Marketing Data and Statistics
International Marketing Data and Statistics

European Marketing Forecasts
International Marketing Forecasts

Ref. HA 1107 E87
Ref. HA 42 I56

Ref. HC 240 A1 E85
Ref. HF 5410 I58          

International Financial Statistics Ref. HG 3881 I6
Yearbooks providing for up to 30 years of data for the countries of the world. Import and export data, balance of payments, and government finance, trade, and commodity price indexes.

OECD Economic Surveys Ref. HC 59 O7
Series of monographs, usually updated every one or two years, each dealing with an individual country's macroeconomic conditions, changing trade developments, and short-term/long-terms economic prospects.