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Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy & Kinesiology

Aerobic and Anaerobic Training (04:28)

The body in motion: Fitness, skill, and training [Video file]. (2010). In Films On Demand. Retrieved November 23, 2015, from

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 GV 1-158

Recreation & Leisure: Philosophy & History of
GV 160-191
Personnel Administration; Leadership;
Recreational Areas & Facilities; Handicapped
GV 191-200

Outdoor Life, Outdoor Recreation

GV 201-555
Physical Education & Training, Geographical
subdivisions; Facilities. Gymnastics  
GV 557-1198.01   Sports, History of; Individual Sports 
QM 100-105 Anatomy (muscle-skeletal)
QP 34-38 Human Physiology
QP 301-341
Musculoskeletal System, Physiology
of Exercise, Kinesiology, Biomechanics
R 856 Biomedical Engineering
RA 781-782 Exercise, Aerobic, Reducing
RC 71.8-72  Function Tests
RC 1200-1245 Sports Medicine, Physiology of Sports
RD 97; 101-106 Sports Injuries, overuse; Fractures
RJ 51-53    Exercise Therapy, Testing (Children)
RJ 133-138  Pediatrics, Exercise
RM 695-950
Physical Medicine; Ergonomics,
Exercise Testing, Physical Therapy
T 59.7; 165 Ergonomics

Books classified GV are shelved on two south, books classified QM--T are shelved on four north.

Reference Books: Kinesiology/Physical Education