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Biological Sciences

Traits of Animals (04:12)

Life Processes of Animals. Films On Demand. Films Media Group, 2005. Web. 19 May 2015. <>.

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Reference Books

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Use the Library of Congress (LC) call number areas for browsing the shelves on the 4th floor.

QL 1-366 General, Zoos, Laboratories, Geographic Distribution
QL 367-599     Invertebrates
QL 365-374.2 Protozoa; Porifera [sponges]
QL 375-385.2 Coelenterata; Ctenophera; Echinodermata
QL 386-394  Worms and other Vermiform Invertebrates
QL 395-400.5 Brachiopoda [lamp shells]; Bryozoa; Ectoprocta
QL 401-432 Mollusca
QL 434-599.82  Arthopoda [crustacea, arachnida, insects]
QL 605-739  Chordates. Vertebrates
QL 605-639  Fishes
QL 640-669 Reptiles & Amphibians
QL 671-699  Birds
QL 700-739  Mammals
QL 739.8-795  Animal behavior
QL 799-991  Animals: Morphology. Anatomy. Embryology, etc
SF 170-515   Animal Culture
SF 517-597   Insect Culture
SF 600-997.5

Veterinary Medicine, includes zoo animals