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Biological Sciences

What is CRISPR Gene Editin (1:35)

The new technology makes gene editing faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. Here's how. From NOVA PBS Official published on May 22, 2018. On YouTube (

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QD 415

Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry

QD 461 Molecular Dimensions-Physical Chemistry
QH 441.5-450.7 Cytogenetics, Recombination mechanisms, Genetic
regulation,  Genetic engineering
QH 451-468   Cell fusion, Cell hybridization, Mutations, DNA damage
QH 470-531           Experimental organisms, Reproduction-Asexual, Sexual,
Regeneration, Biophysics, Bioelectronics, Biomechanics,
Cryptobiosis, Chronobiology Molecular biology
QH 541-15 M63  Molecular ecology
QH 573-671   Cytology, Cell membranes, Control mechanisms,
Physiological properties, Aging of cells
QK 981-4    Plant molecular genetics
QP 356.2          Molecular neurobiology
QP 517 M66-519.9 M64  Animal biochemistry   
QR 185.5-6; QR 389   Molecular immunology; Molecular virology    
RC 269.7-270.3   Cytology (neoplasms)
TP 248.13-218.65 Biotechnology, Biochemical engineering, Genetic
enginnering applications