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Biological Sciences

Plants that Move (09:44)

“Photosynthesis—The Botany Series.” Films Media Group, 2005, Accessed 19 Feb. 2018.

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QK 1-100                    History, Biography, Directories, Textbooks, Museums,
                                     Mapping Systematics, Nomenclature
QK 101-474.5            Geographical distribution. Phytogeography
                                     by Topographical divisions
QK 474.8-495.Z        Spermatophyta. Phanerogams. Trees & Shrubs
QK 504-651               Cryptogams. Pteridophyta (ferns), Bryophyta (mosses,
                                     liverworts), Algae, Lichens, Fungi
QK 652-899               Plant Anatomy, Physiology, Reproduction, Phytochemistry
QK 900-989               Plant Ecology, Vegetation dynamics, adaptation, Plant
                                     Canopies, Evolution of Plants
S 1-972                       Agriculture - General
SB 183-317.Z49        Field Crops
SB 317.5-353.5         Horticulture - Vegetables
SB 354-406.55          Horticulture - Fruit & Fruit Culture
SB 406.55-450.8       Flowers & Flower Culture. Ornamental Plants
SB 450.9-485             Gardens & Gardening, Landscape Architecture,
                                      Parks and Public Reservations
SB 599-989                Pests, Diseases, Weeds, Poisonous Plants, Plant
                                      Pathology,  Pesticides, Biological Control