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Biological Sciences

Anna's Hummingbird (0:38)

A close view of an adult male showing his beautiful iridescent feathers. from Don DesJardin, published on Jul 25, 2015 from YouTube (

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QL 671-677.8 General works; by region or country; nomenclature; aviaries
QL 679-695.5 Zone divisions e.g. West Indies; South America, Europe
QL 696 Systematic divisions e.g. Anseriformes, Galliformes, Piciformes,
QL 696.5-699    Genetics; Reproduction; Bird banding; Song; Navigation; Ecology
SF 460-473       Birds, Cage Birds, Pet Birds
SF 481-502 Poultry, Breeding, Eggs, Hatcheries
SF 502-513 Game birds