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Biological Sciences

Honey Bees- Life Cycle (9:56)

From ScienceOnline, published Nov. 24, 2006 (

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QL 434-434.8         Arthropoda General & Geographical  Distribution  
QL 451-458.32       Arachnida, Acari, Amblypygi [scorpions, spiders,
                            mites, etc.] General & Geographical Distribution.
                            Systematic divisions
QL 458.4-459         Arancae [spiders, scorpions]
QL 459.2-515.2      Insects. General; Mayflies; Cockroaches;
                            Grasshoppers; Earwigs; Caddis flies; Dragonflies;
                            Stick Insects
QL 521-529.26       Hemiptera [bugs]; homoptera [aphids, cicadas, etc.]
QL 529.27-540.42   Isoptera [termites]; Plecoptera [stoneflies]; Diptera
                             [flies]; Embioptera[web spinners; Mallophaga
                             [chewing lice]
QL 541-570.3         Lepidoptera [butterflies, moths]; Hymenoptera
                             [ants, bees, wasps, etc.]; Anoplura [sucking lice]
QL 571-599.82       Coleoptera [beetles]; Thysanoptera [thrips];
                            Mecoptera  [scropionflies]; Strepsiptera
                            [twisted-winged parasites]; Siphonaptera [fleas]
SB 818-945           Economic Entomology, pests & diseases [pests A-Z]
SB 950-990.5        Pest control & treatment; Pesticides, Insecticides
SF 517-561           Beneficial Insects & Insect Culture [Bee culture,
                            Sericulture (silk)] 
SF 562                 Other Insects, A-Z [boll weevil, moths, Chinese wax