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OneSearch - the CSUS Library Catalog

OneSearch is the CSUS Library catalog and contains the material holdings of the CSUS Library including books and videos. 

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Books on Economics are located on the 2 South of the Library (except Reference books which are on 2 North.) Browse the shelves by call number to see the Library's holdings.

HB 238-251
HB 501
HB 522-715
HB 801-843
HB 846-846.8
HB 848-3697
HC 94-1085
HD 39-40.7
HD 72-88
HD 1401-2210
HD 2321-4730.9
HD 4801-8943
HD 4909-5100.9
HD 5701-6000.9
HD 6977-7080
HD 7088-7252
Economic theory, Demography
Competition. Production. Wealth
Capital. Capitalism
Income. Factor shares
Consumption. Demand
Welfare theory
Demography. Population. Vital events
Economic History and Conditions
Economic History by Country/Region
Industries. Land Use. Labor
Capital. Capital Investments
Economic growth, development, planning
Labor. Work. Working class
Labor market. Labor supply. Labor demand
Cost and standard of living
Social insurance. Social security. Pension

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Books not available can be ordered through Interlibrary Loan Services

Finding Dissertations

Use Dissertations and Full Text to locate doctoral dissertations.