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Physics and Astronomy

LIGO Gravitational Wave

Journey of a Gravitational Wave

Sequences created by LIGO/SXS/R. Hurt/T. Pyle

LIGO scientist David Reitze takes us on a 1.3 billion year journey that begins with the violent merger of two black holes in the distant universe. The event produced gravitational waves, tiny ripples in the fabric of space and time, which LIGO detected on September 14, 2015, as they passed Earth. (February 11, 2016,

Physics Resources

Listed below are a few resources available in the Library as well as some web resources.

Organization and government web sites will have policy papers, statistics, research reports, journals, articles, guidelines, etc. On each site look for links or tabs labeled Reports, Statistics, Publications, etc., to access these sources.

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Books on PHYSICS are located on the 3rd floor of the Library (except Reference books which are on 2 North.) Browse the shelves by call number to see the Library's holdings.

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