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Literary Theory and Criticism

Professional Associations and Websites

Modern Language Association

Founded in 1883, the MLA is one of the oldest and most prominent associations dedicated to the study and teaching of language and literature.  They publish prodigiously in the humanities and host an annual convention. 

Modern Humanities Research Association

This association, which supports research in the humanities, is based in the UK. It publishes many revered literary publications, including The Yearbook of English Studies, The Modern Language Review, and The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature.  The Yearbook of English Studies and the Modern Language Review are accessible through JSTOR, except for the most recent three years.  ABELL is located in the 2 North Reference area under the call number PRZ 2011 .M69.

MELUS: The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States

Founded in 1973, MELUS explores the study and teaching of ethnically diverse literature and their cultural contexts. They publish a journal MELUS journal, which the University Library does not currently subscribe to. 

Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers

Begun in 1994, ALSCW is interested in literary criticism and scholarship that is neither overly political nor intellectually partisan - bound to a particular theoretical framework.  It has several publications and hosts an online forum.