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How to access and use Nielsen SMS

How to access Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions


Local Market Audience Analyst has been replaced by Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions (also recently known as Neilsen SMS). Claritas SMS provides the same data plus a whole lot more! It includes reports with demographic and behavior/lifestyle information for a Demographic Market Area (DMA) or US County. PRIZM groupings are also available. 

Follow these steps to start searching the Nielsen SMS database.

1. Start at the Library home page.

2. Click on Databases. Then either click Business & Management or Marketing.

3. Scroll down and click on Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions. Or click here.

4. As seen in the image below, select "Login to Claritas SMS".

5. The Sacramento State Library DOES NOT provide access to any other services listed on the page.











7. Once in the database, click "Create Content" then select one of the reports to get started. Click the question mark icon next to the report name to get an idea of what each report will give you.



Claritas SMS Guides

Having difficulties using Claritas SMS? Click Help & Learn -> Information Center when logged into the database to access basic guides provided by the publisher, SRDS.