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Use these indexes to locate journal articles. The databases overlap to varying degrees. Best practice is to search in a large database (SciFinder, PubMed, Engineering Village, Biological Abstracts, Agricola, etc.).

Citation Indexes

Style Guides

We cite sources to acknowledge the work of others, as well as to avoid academic dishonesty or plagiarism.  There are various formats for citing sources and your instructor will tell you which to follow.

Bioconjugate Author Guidelines

Chem 200 Research Methods in Chemistry Spring 2017

Finding author guidelines in Bioconjugate Chemistry

Go to the journal’s homepage:

  1. Open the Submission & Review tab.

  2. Open Author Guidelines [PDF] (it’s 15 pages long)

  3. Click on References & Footnotes or scroll to page 8-9.

  4. Locate abbreviations for journal titles in CASSI:

    From the Bioconjugate Chemistry website:

    References and Footnotes

    All the references and footnotes must be placed together in a list at the end of the manuscript text. In the Web edition, many of them will have links to other Web resources, such as the corresponding abstracts in Chemical Abstracts and the full text on publisher Web sites. Because of this electronic linking, and to aid scientific research, it is crucial that authors verify the accuracy of all reference citations and footnotes.

    Unnecessarily long lists of references should be avoided, and excessive self-citation is strongly discouraged. However, authors must reference all previous publications in which portions of the present work have appeared. Literature references and explanatory footnotes must be numbered with Arabic numerals in the order of their first citation in the text and the corresponding numbers placed at the appropriate locations in the text as superscripted numerals without parentheses or bracket.

    For periodicals, follow the format shown (authors' names in same order as in published article) :

    1. Last name, Initials, Last name, Initials, Last name, Initials, ... and Last name, Initials. (year published) Article title written in sentence style with only the first word and proper nouns in capital letters. Journal title in CASSI abbreviation format volume number, inclusive pages.


    1. Fritzberg, A. R., Abrams, P. G., Beaumier, P. L., Kasina, S., Morgan, A. C., Reno, J. M., Sanderson, J. A., Srinivasan, A., Wilbur, D. S., and Vanderheyden, J. (1988) Specific and stable labeling of antibodies with technetium-99m with a diamide dithiolate chelating agent. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 85, 4025–4029. 

    Inclusive pagination is preferred. Titles of journals are abbreviated according to Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index. Serial publications such as Methods in Enzymology and C.R.C. Critical Reviews should be listed in the same form as journals. For journal articles accessed online prior to print publication, please provide the DOI number.

    For books, follow the format shown:

    Aida, T., and Jiang, D.-L. (2000) Dendrimer porphyrins and metalloporphyrins: syntheses, structures and functions. The Porphyrin Handbook. Volume 3: Inorganic, Organometallic and Coordination (Kadish, K. M., Smith, K. M., and Guilard, R., Eds.) pp 369–384, Chapter 23, Academic Press, New York.

    Submitted manuscripts should be designated as “in press” only if formally accepted for publication; otherwise “unpublished results” should be used.

Use of URLs as references: As a publisher, ACS must be able to archive the data essential to a published article. Where such archiving is not possible, deposition of data in public databases, such as GenBank, ArrayExpress, RCSB Protein Data Bank, Unidata, etc., is acceptable. Only links to web sites that are permanent public repositories, such as self-perpetuating online resources funded by government, academia, and industry, are permitted. Links to an author’s personal web page are not acceptable.