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Asian Studies: Library Resources

Philosophies and Religion

    Companion encyclopedia of Asian philosophy  B 121 .C66 1997  
Dictionary of Asian philosophies   B 5005 .N38 
Eastern definitions : a short encyclopedia of religions of the Orient     BL 31 .R52
     Encyclopedia of Buddhism    
BQ 128 .E62 2004
     A popular dictionary of Buddhism  BQ 130 .H85
     RoutledgeCurzon encyclopedia of Confucianism    BL 1840 .R68 2003
     Dictionary of Hinduism  BL 1105 .S78 1984
     The illustrated dictionary of Hindu iconography   N 8195 .A4 S78 1985 
     Guide to Hindu religion  BLZ 7835 .B8 D44 
     Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim world  BP 40 .E525 2004
     The Oxford dictionary of Islam  BP 40 .O95 2003 
     The Encyclopaedia of Islam  DS 35.53 .E5 1954
     The encyclopedia of Judaism  BM 50 .E63 1999
     Historical dictionary of Judaism    BM 50 .S65 1998 
     The Oxford dictionary of the Jewish religion  BM 50 .O94 1997 
      A popular dictionary of Shinto  BL 2216.1 .B63 1996
Historical dictionary of Taoism   BL 1923 .P37 1998