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Asian Studies: Library Resources

Find maps in the library

      Maps and atlases in our library are located in 2 North Atlas area. Currently maps are not catalogued in EUREKA  yet. They are arranged by continent. For example, if you need a map of Japan, you need to look in the Asia section. The library database Encyclopedia Britannica contains maps for country infomation.
      The atlas books are catalogued in EUREKA. You can search by keywords, e.g. "Japan and atlas", etc. The following are some of the atlas in the library.  

      Historical atlas of South-East Asia G 2361 .S1 H5 1995 (Atlas area)
     A literary and historical atlas of Asia 
G 2201 .S1 B3 1935 (2 south)
      Asia  372.891 .Am4as 1974 Gr.K-12 (2 South non-print: Juvenile collection)
     Asian market atlas HF 5415.12 .A8 A83 1984 (Atlas area)
     Atlas of Southeast Asia  G 2360 .U4 1989 (Atlas area)