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Bilingual Dictionaries

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Asian dictionaries
Online language dictionaries (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean) 
ABC Chinese-English comprehensive dictionary
   PL 1455 .A33 2003 
Chinese-English dictionary    PL 1455 .C439 1999
 A Chinese-English dictionary of idioms and proverbs    PL 1273 .H46 1988 
Dictionaries in Indian languages; a bibliography  PKZ 7049 .I3 N3 
The new Nelson Japanese-English character dictionary   PL 679 .H33 1997 
 Beyond polite Japanese : a dictionary of Japanese slang and colloquialisms  PL 675 .Y66 2001 
A Korean-English dictionary  PL 937 .E5 M3
Lao-English dictionary  PL 4251 .L34 K4
 Kamus Dwibahasa : Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Malaysia (Malay PL 5125 .K364 1981 

A Batad Ifugao vocabulary  PL 5725 .Z5 N4 (Philippine)
The standard English-Thai dictionary  PL4187.E5 S73 1970z (Tsakopoulos Hellenic)
Practical English-Thai dictionary  PL 4187 .R6
Thai-English/English-Thai dictionary
Vietnamese-English dictionary  PL 4376 .L45 1975 
Usual Vietnamese English, English Vietnamese dictionary  PL 4376 .N43