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To find a specific journal use the Journal Titles A-Z  List


To improve your database search results try using the truncation symbol. Truncation symbols vary by database, but the usual suspects are an asterisk * exclamation mark ! or a pound # sign. Click for an explanation from EbscoHost databases.


A great way to see what the latest research is in any subject area is to select a journal (online of course, using the Journal Titles list) and then browsing the table of contents.


Here are some of the journals on food that you can search via the Journal tab

Article Databases

Articles can be identified by searching in one of the Library databases. Try one of these databases or the Subject list of Databases or the  A-Z list of Databases to find a database.

Finding the Actual Article

Many of the databases will only provide you with a citation. To retreive the full text of an article from within most databases,
use the  FindIt@SacState graphic Find It @SacState which can usually be found at the end of a database record summary.