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Geography, Maps and Atlases

Maps and Map Collections in the Library

The Library has a specific Map Collection located on 2 NORTH; however maps and atlases are also located throughout the Library. There are over 20,000 maps in the Map Collection. Many are cataloged and can be found using OneSearch, the Library's online catalog.  See the box to the right for instructions on locating map using OneSearch. Uncataloged maps are found using the Map Card Catalog. The Map Card Catalog is located  on 2 NORTH by the maps/atlas collections and is arranged by subject.

The maps are stored in one of three ways:

  • FILE: small maps, filed vertically are in legal size beige file cabinets by categories labeled on the drawers (e.g., CIA, Road Maps, etc.) Most of these maps are cataloged and can be found using OneSearch.
  • DRAWER: medium-sized maps, filed horizontally, are in large gray cabinets. There are both cataloged and non-cataloged maps in these cabinets. Cataloged maps can be found using OneSearch and are in the drawers with blue labels (e.g., National Geographic). Those not yet cataloged are in drawers with yellow labels or green labels. Use the Map Card Catalog to find these uncataloged maps.
  • WALL MAPS: large maps, rolled on wooden dowels, are stored vertically in cases behind the file cabinets. Oversize wall maps are arranged horizontally on low shelving or on a rolling aluminum rack. Most of these maps are cataloged and can be found using OneSearch..


Specific uncataloged maps: See the following locations for these maps:

  • DRAWERS 13-15: Sacramento and Bay Area maps
  • DRAWER 16: Calfornia maps on various themes.

Topographic maps are also uncataloged. See the box on this page for more information about Topographic maps.

Using OneSearch to find Maps

  • Begin searching for cataloged maps using the OneSearch Advanced Search Screen.
  • Type in your topic in the first box (Argentina, oceans, europe and war, middle ages, etc.) then click SEARCH
  • After the results are displayed; use RESOURCE TYPE (found in left column) and limit to MAPS

Topographic Maps

Topographic maps are shelved in drawers by state (see below) and then by the official place name designation of the map.

These official place names are overlaid on maps of California and the other large states. These are called 'index maps.' The index maps are posted on the wall behind the file cabinets in 2 North Map Collection area.  Topographic maps are uncataloged and are available for:

  • Nevada (DRAWER 33)
  • Arizona (DRAWER 34)
  • Oregon (DRAWER 35)
  • Washington (DRAWER 36)
  • California (DRAWER 37)
  • Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (DRAWER 71)

Find your location, note the official place name, and use that place name to find the map alphabetically in the file drawers for that state (see above).

Topographic maps are also available from the USGS web links listed below:

Place Name directories and Gazetteers

Browse the Map Collection

Maps in the Map Collection (2 North) are organized by the following call numbers within the FILE, DRAWER, and WALL MAP sections.

G 3190-3100
G 3200-3202
G 3210-3222
G 3240-3272
G 3290-3299
G 3300-3379
G 3380-3612
G 3690-4383
G 4390-5184
G 5200-5668
G 5670-5699
G 5700-7342
G 7400-8198.54
G 8200-8904
G 8950-9084
G 9095-9794
G 9800-9804
G 9900-9980
Northern/Southern Hemispheres
Climate Zones
Western Hemispheres
North America
Greenland and Canada
United States
Caribbean, Mexico, Central America
South America
Eastern Hemisphere
Europe and Russia
Oceans (general)
Theoretical maps; imaginary & identified places