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Teaching Physical Education and Health

Start with these suggestions

Browsing the shelves

Method books explain various teaching strategies; think of them as "how to" books for teachers.  Many contain lesson plans that illustrate the recommended teaching strategies. Method books are listed in Onesearch and typically have a subject heading added such as Physical Education  -- study and teaching  (Primary) or Health -- study and teaching (secondary).  Most method books for teaching foreign language are easily browsed in the call number area:

2 South GV 361-368 (Physical Education)

4 North RA 440 (Health)

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans can be found using OneSearch;  enter a topic such as physical education or health in the first box and the word curriculum in the second box. Limit to Library Location using the options to the left of the results. Click on the Web Sites tab above for free online Lesson Plans.

Search Google Books

Google Books may be an option to find materials of use. However, I would suggest exhausting materials Sacramento State has in its collection before using Google Books.