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Pro/Con, Debate and Position Papers

Hints and recommended resources for locating materials that support or oppose a particular position, pro/con and debate papers/speeches.

Leilani Hall

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Leilani Hall
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Getting started

To effectively argue one side of an issue it is helpful to be familiar with arguments from the other side.

Do not limit your research to only one side. For example, an article or speech that supports a particular issue will often provide information on the opposing position. 

The Library subscribes to several series (see list to the right) which include opposing positions on topics. Examples of recent topics are LGBTQ, homelessness, health care, election hacking, global warming, charter schools and student loans. The volumes in these series are not shelved together; each volume will have a specific call number.

To locate books on specific issues: Searchby the series title (for example: "contemporary world issues") as a TITLE in ONESEARCH to see a list of the individual titles in each series.

Another way to find arguments on controversial topics is through advocacy groups and organizations. Many sites publish reports and articles that support their mission and goals.

To find these organizations use your favorite search engine and limit your search to .org results.

Library contacts

Contact the librarian who specializes in the subject you are debating.

Page contact

Contact Leilani Hall with questions or comments about this Research Guide. Thanks to Debbie Rogenmoser for her original guide. or 916 278-6422

Pro/Con Series in the Library

Click on the series titles below to obtain the books in each series