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Physical Anthropology

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Use interlibrary loan services to obtain copies of books and scholarly articles which are not available here at Sacramento State.

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Selected databases for articles and information on Physical Anthropology:


Selected Print and Online Journals:

American Anthropologist

Print 1888-2010

Online via multiple sources from 1888

American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Print 1918-2005

Online via Wiley Online Library from 1918-2011

Anthropological Quarterly

Print 1954 - 2003

Online via multiple sources from 1953

Anthropology & Education Quarterly

Print 1976-2007

Online via multiple sources from 1976

Anthropology Newsletter

Print 1974-1999

Not available Online

Journal of Ethnobiology

Print 1981-2007

Not available Online

Human Ecology Forum

Print 1970-1999

Online via Free E-Journals from 2004

Human Organization:  Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology

Print 1949-2008

Online via multiple sources from 1996

Journal of Anthropological Research

Print from 1973

Online via JSTOR Arts and Sciences VII 1973-2007