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Tests, Test Reviews and Critiques

Find Experimental Tests (Often Not Copyrighted)

Unpublished tests and scales or measures, also known as experimental tests, often appear in journal articles. They are less restricted than published tests and in many cases may be used, revised, administered free of charge. 

PsycTESTS  Database of experimental tests available to download, print, use.

Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures, 1974 - current  ref BF 431 G625  is an index to hundreds of tests in journal articles.  Or search appropriate databases as in the examples below.

Index to Measurement & Assessment Tools compiled by Eileen Heaser, CSUS Science Librarian

Bibliography of tests related to Nursing and Health, including selected sociology and psychology assessments.  Information on the source books and journals containing all or portions of the tests is provided.   Only tests available in books or journals in the CSUS Library are listed in the bibliography.


Below are examples of searches for experimental tests in three different databases.  Notice that the search terms and options are different for each database even though they are all from Ebsco.  These searches will find articles that include experimental tests. In any of the three databases, begin by entering key words that describe attributes in the first search box; for example: eating disorder*, racism, stress, self esteem.  When appropriate use the * to allow for plurals or alternative word endings.

PsycTESTS  Database of experimental tests available for download.  Trial for 2015-2016.

In PsycINFO, enter the word appended in the next search box; then choose TM Tests & Measures from the Select a Field dropdown menu.

In ERIC, type the word test* in the next search box; then choose PU Publication Type from the Select a Field dropdown menu.

In CINAHL, type the word questionnaire* in the next search box; then choose PT Publication Type from the Select a Field dropdown menu.

 PsycInfo:  To search PsycInfo database click here


 ERICTo search ERIC database click here   


  CINAHL:  To search CINAHL database click here


Unpublished Tests on the Internet

International Personality Item Pool

IPIP provides more than 325 personality scales and measures, by experts, in the public domain and therefore freely available for use. Includes information on reliability, validity, and guidance on how to administer and score, also how to cite the resource.  Updated frequently.

Massachusetts General Hospital School of Psychiatry

Site includes published tests for a variety of mental health symptoms such as depression, bipolar/mania, autism, AD/HD, anxiety. many free of charge.  Also provides links to other web sites for both published and unpublished tests.

Educational Testing Service, ETS Test Link and Tests in Microfiche


ETS Test Link Database  


The above ETS Link takes you to a source of over 25,000 published and unpublished educational tests.  Provides a brief description, abstract, and source for each of the tests. Over 1200 Tests on Demand are downloadable for $25 per test.  Many freely available, unpublished tests in microfiche are also indexed by ETS Test Link.  See the TIM section below for more information.  Be sure to read the FAQ's for helpful information on use and availability.

Tests in Microfiche (TIM)

A collection of tests in microfiche format from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) is  filed  by tests number . The library microfiche collection is located in 2 North (close to Computer Lab).  Many are unpublished tests referred to in the professional literature.  The online index to this collection is at the ETS Test Link web site highlighted above.  The Library Reference Department has hard copy indexes of TIM, that cover 1975 - 1987 with annual updates for subsequent years until publication ceased in 2005: ETS Test Collection: Tests in Microfiche   Ref LBZ 5614.P8 E32