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Tests, Test Reviews and Critiques

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Educational tests and measurements
Intelligence tests
Minorities--Psychological tests
Personality tests
Psychological tests
Psychological tests for children

For test information related to a specific discipline, "Reading--Ability testing", for example, identifies the following title:

Reading: Tests and Assessment Techniques. ref LB 1050.46 P87 1985

Reference Books on Tests and Testing

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment (CHOPA)  ref BF 176 C654 2003

Consumer's Guide to Tests in Print, 2nd edition  ref LB 3060.32 N67 H36 1992

Dictionary of Behavioral Assessment Techniques  ref BF 176.5 D53 1988

Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment  ref BF 176 E53 2003

Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment  ref BF 176.S78 2007

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques  ref HQ 728 T68 2001

Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, 2nd edition  ref RC 473 P78 A46 2008

Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences, 2nd edition  ref LB 3051 L4543 2000

Instrumentation in Education: An Anthology  ref BFZ 7204 P88 B57 1993

Measures for Clinical Practice and Research, 4th ed. v.1-2   ref BF 176.C66 2007

Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes  ref BF 698.4 M38 1991

Measuring Health: A Review of Quality of Life Measurement Scales  ref RA 407 B69 1997

Mental Measurement Yearbook  ref LBZ 5814 P8 B932 1938-2007  Continued online merged with TIP.

Tests in Print  ref LB 5814 E9 B8 1961 - 2006  Continued online merged with MMY.

Test Critiques  ref BF 176 T419 1984 - current

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business 6rh edition  ref BF 176 T43 1983-2008 

Tests and Measurements in Child Development: Handbook I, 1956-1965; Handbook II 1966-1974  ref BF 722 J64 1976


Achievement Test Desk Reference (ATDR): A Guide to Learning Disability Identification  ref LB 3060.3 A28 2006

Assessment of Exceptional Students: Educational and Psychological Procedures, 7th edition  ref LC 4031 T36 2006

Guide to 75 Tests for Special Education  ref LB 1131 C5416 1984


Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures, 1974 - current  ref BF 431 G625 and Title Index, 2001

ETS Test Collection Catalog v. 1-6, 2nd ed.  ref LB 3051.E79 1993