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California Propositions

How to find a California Proposition and the electoral results

    • The California Ballot Propositions Database and the California Ballot Initiatives Database are both offline and expected to remain offline through July, 2012. They are expected to return in a new format. PDF images of California Ballot Propositions are available online.
    • Pamphlet files--California Elections The CSUS library has a collection of print ballot measures and
      propositions under "Pamphlet files--California Elections", located on the second floor in the reference
      area. They are housed chronologically in the file cabinets against the wall by the first row of reference
    • Ballot measures from the website of California Secretary of State
    • Primary and General Statewide Election Results  (back 1992)

  • Statement of vote. Primary election 
    Ref JK 8792 .A49  8792 .A49  (1946--)
    Supplement to Statement of vote. Primary election  
    Ref JK 8792 .A491 (1978-1982, 1986- )
    Statement of vote. General election 
    Ref JK 8792 .A5  (1946, 1952--)   
    Supplement to statement of vote. General election 
    Ref JK 8792 .A51 ( 1962-1972, 1976- )
    Statement of vote : special election 
    Ref JK 8792 .A52
    (1973, 1979, 2003, 2005-)

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