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Reference Books are shelved on 2 North and are for library use only.



Subject search OneSearch, Library's online catalog,  for individual psychologists, e.g. Vygotsky or Freud.

Specialized Psychology Encyclopedias

The following psychology-related encyclopedias are electronic e-books that can be read online by clicking the title.  Some may also be available in hardcopy in the Library Reference Department also.  If so, the call number is provided. 

Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2010

Encyclopedia of School Psychology, 2005

Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders  (Ref RC 437.G35 2003)

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology  (Ref BF 31.G35 2001)

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family  (Ref HQ 9.E52 2003) Vol. l - 4


The following encyclopedias are available in hard copy in the Library Reference Department only.

Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology (Ref LB 1050.9 E63, 2008) Vol. 1-2

Encyclopedia of Human Development  (Ref HM 626.E53, 2006) Vol. 1 - 3

Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Ref HF 5548.8 E498, 2007) Vol. 1-2

Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology (Ref BF 204.6 E53, 2009) Vol. 1 - 2

Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia (Ref LB 1060.P89, 2009) Vol. 1-2

Psychology & Behavioral Health, 4th ed. (Ref BF 636.P86, 2015)





Psychology Dictionaries

Specialized dictionaries located in the Reference Department. 

APA Dictionary of Psychology (Ref BF 31.V295, 2006)

Counseling Dictionary (Ref BF 637.C6 G5332, 2011)

Dictionary of Biological Psychology (Ref QP 360.D52, 2001)

Dictionary of Multicultural Psychology (Ref GN 502.H336, 2005) Second copy to check out.

Dictionary of Personal Development (Ref BF 637.S4 T67. 2002)

Dictionary of psychological Testing, Assessment, and Treatment, 2nd ed. (Ref BF 176.S78, 2007) 

Dictionary of Psychology (Ref BF 31.V295, 2006)