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Middle East

Print Indexes and Biliographies

ABC Pol Sci (1968-2000)
2 North Index Area JA 71 .A214 (continued by CSA Political Science & Government)
CSA Political Science & Govenment
2 North Index Area JA 71 A214 (formerly ABC Pol Sci)
Index Islamicus 1976-1980 Pt.1 & 2 Ref DZ 7835 M6 L6
Middle East, Abstracts and Index. v.1 (1978)-v.17 (1994) Ref DS 41 M54
PAIS International
(1968-current) 2 North Index Area HZ 7163 P64

International and Regional Politics in the Middle East and North Africa:
    a Guide to Information Sources
.   Ref JXZ 6465 N35 S38
Index Islamicus 1956-80  Tsakopoulos Hellenic Ref DZ 7835 .M6 L6 suppl
Middle East. (United States. Superintendent of Documents) Latest Issue Only
    2 NORTH Gov Docs GP3.22/2 :286/
The Middle East in Conflict: a Historical Bibliography.  Ref DS 62.4 M53 1985
The Politics of African and Middle Eastern States: an Annotated Bibliography.
    Ref JQZ 3508 P6 D7 1976
Middle East, the Strategic Hub, and North Africa: a Bibliographic Survey of Literature.
     Ref DSZ 3013 U53