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Middle East

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In the library catalog Onesearch , you can search books by title, author, subject or keywords.  You can also use Browse  for  subject search, author, title, and call numbers.

Some suggested Call Numbers for browsing the shelves for books are:

Middle East - Politics and Government   DS 62.4-63.1; JQ 1758

Arab Countries - Politics and Government DS 38.6-39; DS 62.8-63.8; JQ 1830-1850

Arab Israeli Conflict    DS 119.75-76

Islam and State        BP 173.6; JC 49


Keyword Searching:
  • Searches only for the words, not the concepts.
  • Is often the best search to do initially, until you know what the Subject terms are.
  • Can be used in conjunction with an outline to conceptualize a topic.

Subject Searching:
  • Searches the concept (as defined by the Library of Congress Subject Headings)
  • Is often better done when the keyword search isn't garnering material appropriate to the topic.
  • May take more work, but will yield better results than a keyword search.