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French: Language and Literature


Dictionnaire des Critiques Littéraires: Guide de la Critique Française du XXe Siècle
    Ref PQ 67 A2 L4 Dictionnaire des Lettres Françaises.  Ref PQ 41 D53
Dictionnaire de Littérature Contemporaine, 1900-1962.  Ref PQ 305 B54
Dictionnaire de Littérature Française Contemporaine.  Ref PQ 305 B584
Dictionnaire des Littératures de Langue Française.   Ref PQ 41 B4 1984
Dictionary of Modern French Literature: from the Age of Reason Through Realism  Ref PQ 41 D65 1986
Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture  Ref DC 33.7 E53 1998
The Feminist Encyclopedia of French Literature  Ref PQ 149 F47 1999
Guide to French Literature: Beginnings to 1789  Ref PQ 41 L49 1994
Guide to French Literature: 1789 to the Present  Ref PQ 41 L48 1992
The New Oxford Companion to Literature in French  Ref PQ 41 N48 1995


French Dramatists, 1789-1914  Ref PS 125 .D5 v.192
French Novelists, 1900-1930  Ref PS 125 D5 v.65
French Novelists, 1930-1960  Ref PS 125 D5 v.72
French Novelists since 1960   Ref PS 125 D5 v.83
French Women Playwrights before the Twentieth Century: a Checklist
    Ref PQZ 2174 D7 B43 1994
French Women Writers: a Bio-Bibliographical Source Book   Ref PQ 149 F73 1991
Modern French Poets Ref PS 125 D5 v.258
Nineteenth-Century French Fiction Writers: Naturalism and Beyond, 1860-1900   Ref PS 125 D5 v.123
Nineteenth-Century French Fiction Writers: Romanticism and Realism, 1800-1860   Ref PS 125 .D5 v.119
Nineteenth-Century French Poets  Ref PS 125 D5 v.217
Sixteenth-Century French Writers  Ref PS 125 D5 v.327
Twentieth-Century French Dramatists Ref PS 125 D5 v.321
Writers of the French Enlightenment  Ref PS 125 D5 v.313-314