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Public Policy and Administration

Statistics in print and online

Budget of the United States Government. ref HJ 2051 .A61 yr.
California Cities, Towns and Counties. ref HA 265 .C29 yr.
California Governor's Budget Highlights. ref HJ 11 .C24 yr.
California Statistical Abstract. ref HA 261 .C3 yr.
Census of the United States. (various locations and formats)
County and City Data Book. ref HA 202 .A36 yr.
County and City Extra. ref HA 203 .C68 yr.

The Field poll (California). ref HN 90 .P8 C35 
The Gallup poll monthly.  ref HN 90 .P8 G2
Greater Sacramento Area Statistical Abstract ref HA 267 .S12 C3 yr.

The Harris poll.  ref HN 90 .P8 H3
Sourcebook of County Demographics. ref HA 203 .S65 yr.
Sourcebook of Zip Code Demographics. ref HA 203 .S66 yr.
Statistical Abstract of the United States. ref HA 202 yr.

American Statistics Index (ASI).  Index Area HAZ 7754 .U5 A46  
Statistical Reference Index (SRI).  Index Area HAZ 7554 .U5 S853 
U.S. Census. <>

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. <>

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