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California: Government and Politics


       The legislature handles at least five thousand pieces of legislation during
each two-year session. Those who are interested in tracking all of the
proposed legislation during this period may turn to three sources published by
each house: the Daily File, the Daily Journal, and the Weekly History. The key
to use any of these sources is to know the specific bill number and the session
of origin. These documents are available on the Internet.
(A Primer of California Politics, 2004. p 112).
Senate Daily Journal at
Senate Daily File at
California State Assembly at
California Legislature 
Ref  JK 8771 .A2 (1941--current) (list of Senate and
      Assembly members, officers, attaches, committees, and rules of the two
     houses and standards of conduct of the Senate : together with a list of the
      members of congress, state officers, etc.: ... regular session)
California's Legislature  Ref JK 8766 .A32 (A good handbook and manual)

California blue book (1850-2000)  Ref JK 8730 .A15 2000      
Selected provisions of law relating to legislative activities 
     Ref JK 8769 .A4 (1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 2004.)
Legislative district maps of California  Ref JK 8768 .L44 (1983, 1992, 1996)
California district maps, 1992-2001  Atlas G 1526 .F7 C3 1992 (2 North) ( State
    Senate election districts ; State Board of Equalization election districts --
    State Assembly election district -- U.S.Congressional election  districts.)
Legislative drafting manual, 1975  Ref JK 8774 .A4 (This is a book about bill drafting)
Bill Information
California State Senate Online at 
California State Assembly Online at 
California Legislative Portal at 
Find your Representative at