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California: Government and Politics

General Information / History

California government and politics annual
       Ref JK 8701 .C29 (1976-2005, ceased publication) 
California Political Almanac Ref JK 8701. C36 (1989-2000) Current online.
Almanac of California government and politics (California journal almanac of
      state government and politics)
Ref JK 8701 .C25 (1975-1989)

A primer of California politics  JK 8716 .B74 (1st edition 1997, 2nd edition 2004)
California state government; an outline of its administrative organization
      from 1850-1939 
  Ref JK 8741 .H8
Website: California State Home Page


Roster: California State, county, city and township officials, state officials of
    the United States.  
Ref JK 8730 .A5 (1942--current)  Also online:
2003 --
California public sector  Ref JK 8730 .C355 (directory of state, federal, county,
    municipal & special district governments in California) 

Roster & government guide
Ref JK 8701 .C293 (1977-current) (Contains contact
    information of officers, state departments, California Supreme Court, boards,
    commissions, congressional delegation, state senate and state assembly,      
The California state government directory  
Ref JK 8766 .C32 (1989--)
The Governor and Statewide Officials

Biographical Information

California Political Almanac   Ref JK 8701. C36 (1989--)
Members of the California legislature and other public officials 
     Ref JK 8730 .S2 (1962-1992)
Who's who in the California legislature Ref JK 8730 .W48 
Who's who in California  Ref. F 860 .W628 (1951-1998)
The Governors of California: Peter H. Burnett to Edmund G. Brown
     Ref. F 860 .M5
The Governor and Statewide Officials

Lobbying and Interest Groups

>Instruction manual for lobbyists  Ref JK 8774.5 .A3 
Directory of lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbyist employers  
Ref  JK 8774.5 .A5 (1987--)
State Codes -- GOVERNMENT CODE TITLE 9. Political Reform
     CHAPTER 6. Lobbyists  Cal Gov Code, §§ 86100-86
Online from the website of Secretary of State at 


California state civil service pay scales  Ref JK 8757 .A5 (Latest edition only)
Jobseeker's guide to California state employment  Ref JK 8755 .H66 1990 
Website: California Employment Development Department