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Voting / Elections


Elections A to Z  Ref JK 1976 .M57 1999
The Oxford handbook of American elections and political
         behavior / edited by Jan E. Leighley.  JK 1976 .O97 2010
 The electoral politics dictionary ref JK 1971 .R46 1989
 The American dictionary of campaigns and elections ref JK 1971 .Y68 1987
 Congressional Quarterly's Guide to U.S. Elections ref JK 1967. c662 2001 (2 vols)
American presidential campaigns and elections ref JK 1965 .A57 2003 (3 vol.)
The presidential vote, 1896-1932  JK 1967 .R6  (3 NORTH )
      (An important source for interpretation of data. )
 Historical review of presidential candidates from 1788 to 1968  ref JK 524 .C65 1969

 American national election studies data sourcebook, 1952-1978  ref  JK 1967 .M54
       (A record of many of the attributes of national electoral behavior, such as social characteristics
       of the electorate, partisanship, positions on public policy issues, etc.)
The Documentary history of the first Federal elections, 1788-1790    3 north JK 171 .A1 D6 (3 vols.)