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Voting / Elections

Propositions / Initiatives

       California Ballot Propositions Database  in Hastings College of the Law library is a  comprehensive, searchable
source of information on California ballot propositions from 1911 to the present.  California Ballot Initiatives Database
(currently in Beta testing) contains California ballot initiatives from 1912 to the present. 

The CSUS library has a collection of ballot measures and propositions under "Pamphlet files--California Elections",
located on the second floor in the reference area. They are housed chronologically in the file cabinets against the wall
by the first row of reference shelves. 
     To find information, comments or opinions about the propositions of your interest,  you can search California
newspapers and some databases that may contain the resources. For newspapers, click here for California Newspapers.
     For databases,
CQ Library Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) , Lexis-Nexis: Academic Universe, Proquest Newsstand, and Social Sciences Full Text are recommended.

Ballot Measures Database includes all statewide ballot measures, starting over a century ago. Each entry contains ballot number, title, type of meaure (legislative referendum, initiative, popular referendum, and other), status (pass/fail), and summary.