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Voting / Elections


The most updated information is available at the website of Secretary of State at 
Primary and General Statewide Election Results  (back 1992)
California Elections Data Archive(CEDA) -- a statewide database of California local election results
Statement of vote. Primary election  Ref JK 8792 .A49  (1946--) (Voter registration statistics by
            Party,  by  county;  summary of votes on statewide measures, special elections results, etc.)
Supplement to Statement of vote. Primary election   Ref JK 8792 .A491 (1978-1982, 1986- )
Statement of vote. General election  Ref JK 8792 .A5  (1946, 1952--)  (Voter registration figures, 
      comparative  registration and vote figures, etc. and statement of the vote)
Supplement to statement of vote. General election  Ref JK 8792 .A51 ( 1962-1972, 1976- )
     (County by county vote results of  president, United States senator and statewide measures, 
     by congressional district,senatorial  districts, assembly districts and by board of equalization districts) 
Statement of vote : special election  Ref JK 8792 .A52 (1973, 1979, 2003, 2005)
California election calendar 
2 NORTH Calif Docs CA S400 .O5  (1996,2002)
2 North Reference (qualifications, nomination requirements, filing information, etc.)  
Certified list of candidates (including presidential electors), general election (1970-78, 1980, 1982, 1992)
      ref  JK 8792 .A48  More current online at Secretary of State 
Report of registration  JK 8791 .A5 (3 North, 1968--curent) (by party affiliation, by counties,
     subdivisions by county,  congressional districts, Senatorial districts, assembly districts and
     cities)  Also online at   Secretary of State
Certified list of candidates for the direct primary election  Ref JK 8795 .A5  (1980-2000)    
     More current online at Secretary of State 
Certified list [of] candidates for delegates and alternates to Party National Conventions 
Ref JK 8795.A514 
California votes, 1928-1960, a review and analysis of registration and voting  
Ref JK 8793 1963 .L4 (including counties)
California votes, 1960-1972; a review and analysis of registration and voting
Ref JK 8793 1974 .L43  (including counties)