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International Relations

World Wide Web

  Governement Sites

World Fact Book-- Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Country profiles. 

The State Department
Links to press briefings, policy issues, economics and energy, arms control and security, public diplomacy and public affairs, and assistance and development.

U.S. Senate Committe on Foreign Relations

U.S. House Committee on Foreign Relations

White House Foreign Policy

Other Sites

Foreign Affairs Online
A broad range of international relations topics, under categories of reference material, governments, international law and organization, international affairs.

The Global Site
Gateway to world politics, society and culture.

A selection of resources arranged topically and geographically.

Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)
Complete wire coverage of the latest international events 

The Canadian Institute of International Affairs
List of links to other foreign-affairs-related sites.

The United Nations
Latest news from the world body, a calendar of U.N. events, various U.N. documents...
A clearinghouse for the various embassies in Washington. 

The Council on Foreign Relations
Latest news in foreign relations, policy studies, links to its publication, Foreign Affairs...

The BBC News Web News by regions of the world, liver forums... 

The European Union
Information on Europe and European Union.... 

Foreign Policy
Access to articles from its current issue (subscription required), a list of international links broken down by topic... 

Virtual Resources: International Relations Research Resources on the Web
Annotated links to resources in a wide variety of categories.

Irish Times
Weather reports of any paper in the world and their international news coverage. 

Human Rights Watch
International human rights concerns broken down by region and issue, its publications including World Report.....