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International Relations

Country Information

Europa World Year book. ref D 2 .E87 (1989-current)
Political risk yearbook JX 1252 .P65 2001 (8 volumes)
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. ref G 63 .W67 2001
Culturgrams: the Nations Around Us. ref GT 150 .C85 2000
Countries of the World. ref D 848 .C6 (1980-94)
Country Reports      
Portals to the World

Comparative Government

 Governments of the world : a student companion ref JF 127 .P56 1998
  Political systems of the world  ref JF 51 .D467 1996
  World government ref JF 51 .W65 1990 
  Parliaments of the world : a comparative reference compendium  ref JF 501 .P36 1986