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Latin America Politics


This guide will help you find information about Latin American politics.  Click the tabs above to find online and print resources.

If you need additional help with your research, I'm available for consultations. Just email or call me.

Hong Wang

Library Room 2002
Phone: 916-278-6373

Reference Books

    Encyclopedia of Latin American politics   ref F 1410 .E56 2002
    Latin America : a political dictionary 
ref  F 1406 .R67 1992
    The Latin American political dictionary 
ref F 1406 .R67 1980
    The dictionary of contemporary politics of Central America and the Caribbean
ref  F 2183 .G86 1991
    Political parties of the Americas : Canada, Latin America, and the West Indies 
ref JL 195 .P64 1982
    Historical dictionary of U.S.-Latin American relations 
ref  F 1418 .F457 2005
    The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide. North America
              and the Caribbean  
ref HQ 1400 .G74 2003
    Latin American political movements 
ref  JL 966 .L35 1985
    Latin American revolutionaries : groups, goals, methods  
ref  JL 966 .R34 1990
    The Cambridge encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean 
ref  F 1406 .C36 1985
    African Caribbeans: a reference guide 
ref  F 1629 .B55 A37 2003
    Encyclopedia of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean cultures
ref  F 1406 .E515 2000
    An encyclopedia of Latin-American history 
ref   F 1408 .M36 (1956)
    Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture 
 F 1406 .E53 1996 (5 volumes)

Country Information

   South America, Central America and the Caribbean     ref  F 1406.5 .S68
   Political risk yearbook JX 1252 .P65 2001 Vol. 1 and Vol. 3.
   Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
(Vol. 3) ref G 63 .W67 2001
   Culturgrams: the Nations Around Us. ref GT 150 .C85 2000
   Countries of the World. ref D 848 .C6 (1980-94)     
Country Reports (Library database)
   Portals to the World

     Gran enciclopedia argentina  ref F 2804 .G82    
     The history of Argentina   F 2831 .L69 2001 (2 south)
      A history of Barbados : from Amerindian settlement to nation-state   F 2041 .B435 1990 (2 south)

     Modern Bahamian society  ref F 1656 .M63 1989
     Belize : country studies     Gov Docs D 101.22:550-82/993
     Historical dictionary of Bolivia  ref  F 3304 .H4 1972
     Novo dictionario de historia do Brasil   ref  F 2521 .N72 1970
     Historical dictionary of the British Caribbean  ref  F 2131 .L88 1975
     Diccionario politico de Chile, 1810-1966 ref F 3054 .F82  1967
     Historical dictionary of Chile  ref  F 3054 .B5 1987
     Historical dictionary of Colombia  ref  F 2254 .D38
     Historical dictionary of Costa Rica   ref  F 1542 .C7 1977
     Historical dictionary of Cuba  ref F 1754 .S83 1988 
     The history of the island of Dominica  F 2051 .A88 1971 (2 south)
     Dominican Republic : a guide to the people, politics, and culture   F 1934.5 .H69 1999 (2 south)
     Historical dictionary of Ecuador  ref  F 3704 .B67  1973
     Historical dictionary of El Salvador  ref  F 1482 .F55 1972
     Grenada : politics, economics, and society   HC 156.5 .Z7 G848 1985 (2 south)
     Historical dictionary of Guatemala  ref  F 1462 .M6 1973
     Guyana and Belize : country studies     Gov Docs D 101.22:550-82/993
     Historical dictionary of Haiti  ref  F 1913 .P47
     Historical dictionary of Honduras  ref F 1502 .M56 1994
     Jamaica; a historical portrait   F 1881 .H87
     Encyclopedia of modern Mexico 
ref  F 1234 .D364 2002
     Enciclopedia de Mexico
ref F 1204 .E5 1977
     Historical dictionary of Nicaragua  ref F 1522 .M4 1972
     Nicaragua's continuing revolution : a chronology for 1977 to 1990 ref F 1527 .R53 1990     
     Historical dictionary of Panama  ref  F 1562 .H43 1970
     Historical dictionary of Paraguay  ref F 2664 .K64  1973
     Historical dictionary of Peru ref    F 3404 .A39  1979
     Historical dictionary of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands  ref  F 1954 .F37
     History of the people of Trinidad and Tobago   F 2119 .W5 1964 (2 South)
     Trinidad and Tobago : democracy and development in the Caribbean   F 2119 .M33 1986 (2 South)
     Historical dictionary of Uruguay  ref  F 2704 .W54  1974
     Historical dictionary of Venezuela   ref  F 2304 .R8  1971


      The Statesman's year-book  ref  JF 37 .S8 (1899-current)
Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean biography  ref   F 1407 .D5 1971
     Latin American government leaders 
ref  F 1407 .L37 1975
     Biographical dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean political leaders  ref F 1414.2 .B48 1988
     Who is who in government and politics in Latin America  ref  F 1407 .W46 1984
     Who's who in Latin America; a biographical dictionary of notable men and
            women of Latin America 
ref F 1407 .W55
     Mexican political biographies, 1884-1935   F 1233.5 .C28 1991
     Latin American heroes : liberators and patriots from 1500 to the present F 1407 .A33 1993 (2 south)
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (Vol. 6) ref G 63 .W67 2001
     Founders of modern nations : a biographical dictionary ref D 226.7 .H36 1995
     Heads of state and government ref JF 37 .D3 2000
     Who's who in world politics : from 1860 to the present day
ref. D 21.3 .P35 1996
     The International year book and statesmen's who's who
ref JF 37 .I5 (1953-1996)


 The following electronic databases index articles in newspapers, magazines and journals, many 
of which are full-text. They are available from the Library Homepage by selecting Databases and
 Periodical Indexes.
These databases are accessible from library research stations and campus
 computer labs. For connecting to library databases from off-campus, please read instructions here .   
HAPI Online                                            Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)  

Ethnic Newswatch (ProQuest)             Country Reports  

JSTOR (All Subjects)                              Proquest Newspapers   
Social Sciences Full Text                       Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online

LexisNexis Academic                              World Almanac (OCLC)         

WorldCat  (for books and articles)



OneSearch/Library Catalog

    OneSearch (at the Library Homepage) lists books, journals, master’s theses, government documents,
media, etc. that the library owns on all subjects. These materials can be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword. The advanced keyword search helps you limit your search by material type, location, language,
and year of publication, etc. 

    Subject terms
         The Library of Congress Subject Headings lists specific subject terms to use in OneSearch
     For example, the following are some subject terms useful in searching Latin American politics.

Latin America -- Politics and government 
         Latin America -- Social conditions 
         Political science -- Latin America.
         Mexico Political Culture, etc. (enter country name for country studies)

Print sources

                 The following are the major printed indexes to periodical articles.

        HAPI, Hispanic American periodicals index  1970-1995  ref  FZ 6953.8 .H36
        CSA political science & governmen>t (ABC Pol Sci.). Index Area JA 71 .A214 
        PAIS international in print. I
ndex Area HZ 7163 .P94 
        Social Sciences Index.
Index Area AI 3 .R494
        Social Sciences Citation Index.
Index Area HZ7161.S62
        Peace Research Abstracts Journal.
ref JX 1901 .P38


           Periodicals are located on the 3rd floor of the library, shelved alphabetically by title. Issues published 
      prior to 1980 are shelved on Lower Level. Current newspapers are in the section Newsprint until
      replaced by microfilm in Library Media Center on the 1st floor.The following is a list of selected print
      journals available in the library.

       Americas  (1950 -- current)
       Cuadernos hispanoamericanos (1948--current)  (in Spanish)
       Journal of interamerican studies and world affairs
              ( v.12(1970)-v.37(1995), MICROFICHE: v.38(1996)-v.42(2000)
       Journal of Latin American studies 
              ( v.1(1969)-v.27(1995),  MICROFICHE: v.28(1996)-- current)
       Latin American politics and society (MICROFICHE: v.43(2001)-- current)
       Latin American research review  ( v.1(1965)- current)
       Latin American weekly report  (1986--current)  ref  F 1401 .L3
       NACLA report on the Americas  (1993--1996, MICROFICHE: 1996/97--2000/01) 

Documents/primary sources

          A primary source, also called "source material" and sometimes "original sources",  refers to
     "a document or record containing firsthand information or original data on a topic....  Primary
     sources include original manuscripts, articles reporting original research or thought, diaries,
     memoirs, letters, journals, photographs, drawings, posters, film footage, sheet music, songs,
     interviews, government documents, public records, eyewitness accounts, newspaper clippings, etc."
     (Dictionary for Library and Information Science / Joan M. Reitz, 2004).
          In the library catalog OneSearch, the subject headings that contain the term "sources" will retrieve
     items that contain primary sources. For example,  "Latin America -- History -- Sources". The following is a
     selection of items in the library that contain primary sources or information on primary sources.

Guide to materials on Latin America in the National Archives of the United States  
               CD 3028. L37 U54 1974
The Central American crisis reader   F 1528 .C45 1987
The quest for change in Latin America; sources for a twentieth-century analysis    F 1414 .D85
Latin America and the United States : a documentary history   F 1418 .L354 2000
Latin America : special studies, 1962-1980 [microform.]  Microfilm 000410 (Library Media Center)
Coleccion de documentos para la historia de Mexico    F 1203 .G21 1971
Records of the Department of State relating to political relations between the United States
           and Mexico, 1910-29   
Microfilm 008251
The Kennedys and Cuba : the declassified documentary history   E 183.8 .C9 K46 1999
Diary of the Cuban revolution   F 1787.5 .F7313 1980
The Bolivian diary of Ernesto Che Guevara   F 3326 .G8313 1994
 Brazil: a chronology and fact book, 1488-1973  F 2521 .F55
A documentary history of Brazil  F 2521 .B88
Historia diplomatica de la Republica del Ecuador  F 3732 .V5 V.1
The Pinochet file : a declassified dossier on atrocity and accountability (Chile) F 3101 .P56 K67
The Grenada papers   F 2056.8 .G77 1984
Documents on the constitutional relationship of Puerto Rico and the United States  KGV 2905 
Workers' struggle in Puerto Rico : a documentary history   HD 6592 .L813
The Puerto Ricans: a documentary history   F 1971 .W3
Selected writings of Bolivar   F 2235.3 .A13
El pensamiento vivo de Bolivar    F 2235.3 .A38
GPO Access *free to public (Official federal government information)
GPO Monthly Catalog  (Records on all subjects of interest to the U.S. government.)


Anuario estadistico de America Latina y el Caribe = Statistical yearbook for
      Latin America and the Caribbean. 
ref HA 755 .A5 (1985--)
Statistical abstract of Latin America  ref HA 931 .C3 (1955--)
International historical statistics : the Americas 1750-1988  ref HA 175 .M52 1993
Latin American political statistics   HA 931 .C3 suppl v.2  1972
Statistics and national policy   HA 931 .C3 SUPPL. V.3  1974
Historical statistics of Chile   ref  HA 1004 .M35