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European Politics

Reference Books

    The European political dictionary. ref JN 12 .R65 1985 
    Political and economic encyclopaedia of Western Europe. ref JN 94 .A127 P65 1990
    Western Europe. ref HC 240 .W43 2002 
    European political facts, 1789-1848. JN 10 .C65 
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    The map of Europe by treaty ; showing the various political and territorial changes which 
         have taken place since the general peace of 1814
(4 volumes). ref JX 626 1875a
    The great European treaties of the nineteenth century . ref JX 151 .O3 

    Political Parties of Europe (2 volumes). Ref. JF 2011. P595 1983        
    Chronology of 20th-Century Eastern Europe history ref HC 244 .C57 F47     
    The Longman companion to European nationalism, 1789-1920. ref D 359.7. P43 1994