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How to do a Literature Review

How to search for other articles that have cited the article you've found interesting

Cited Reference Search

When doing a review of the literature in your field you will notice the same author names appearing again and again in your searches.   Pay close attention as these are often the seminal researchers in your field.  For example, in Physics if you were researching the theory of relativity, you would expect to find works by Albert Einstein cited in most sources you explore.  You need to find "the Einstein" in your field.

Some databases have a CITED REFERENCE search feature.  It allows you to type in the citation information (author, date, title of the article, volume, issue date and pages) for the item.  If the article isn't brand new, it is likely that someone who is interested in the same topic has read and cited that same article in subsequent research.

According to its vendor, the Social Sciences Citation and Science Citation Index - as accessed via Web of Science - provide "researchers, administrators, faculty, and students with quick, powerful access to the bibliographic and citation information they need to find research data, analyze trends, journals and researchers, and share their findings."  What makes this index different from other databases is that it allows the user to do a citation search for a known article to find anyone who has cited that article in subsequent research.  This is extremely useful if you have located something pertinent on your topic and want to know what more has developed in the field since the article was published.

Try a  Cited Reference Search in Web of Science using one of the important articles that you found in an earlier search and you'll find out who has cited your article:

Web of Science