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Spanish: Language and Literatures

Literary Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Bibliographies

Books By and About Individual Hispanic Authors in U.S.

To find novels and other literary works in book format by Hispanic authors in the U.S. do an AUTHOR search in the Library catalog under the author's name.

To find books in the Library about an author, do a SUBJECT search under the author's name.  Note the results of subject searches are often clustered into subtopics to provide for an easier overview of the results.  Note the subtopic "Criticism and interpretation" is often particularly helpful.  Also use the resources listed in "Journal article indexes and databases" section of this guide (see below) to find additional information about an author and his/her work. 

Translations of U.S. Hispanic Literature

U.S. Hispanic literature often is written originally in English and then subsequently translated into Spanish and other languages, but there are some exceptions.  Isabel Allende who was born in Chile but now resides in California writes in Spanish.    If you do not know the title of the English translation, do a search under the Spanish title to determine whether the Library has the English translation.  For example:

La casa de los espiritus by Isabel Allende has been translated from Spanish into English with the title: House of the Spirits.  A title search either under House of the Spirits or La casa de los espiritus lets you determine whether the Library has the English translation.