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Spanish: Language and Literatures

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In this section are materials that pertain to "culture and civilization" of Spain,  Spanish-speaking Latin America, and Hispanic America.   Included are resources that pertain to customs, society, the arts, history of these individual countries as well as Latin America as a whole. 

Reference Materials

Reference materials include materials such as encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, glossaries, bibliographies, atlases and are intended to provide an overview or summary of a topic or data.

Here are some selected reference titles in the University Library pertaining to the cultures and civilizations of Spain, Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, and Hispanic America.    


In addition to Reference materials, the Library has many books about Spanish, Latin American, and Hispanic culture and civilization available for check-out.   To find additional materials in the Library related to "culture and civilzation,"  try one or more of the following subject searches in the Library catalog:   

Popular Culture [name of country]  -- for example:  Popular Culture Cuba

[Name of country] civilization -- for example:  Mexico Civilization

[Name of country] Social life and customs -- for example: Mexico Social life and customs

Arts, [country] -- for example:  Arts, Cuban

Etiquette [country] -- for example:  Etiquette Spain

[country] Description and Travel  -- for example: Spain Description and Travel

Hispanic Americans

Latin Americans

Motion pictures [country] -- for example: Motion pictures Spain

[country] History -- for example:  Spain History


SEARCH HINT:  When you find a title that is helpful to you, click on the subject heading of that title, and see what other titles the Library has on that subject.

 A popular series about cultures of different countries around the world is the Culture shock series.  The Library has volumes for Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and Cuba

Journal Article Indexes and Databases

Listed here are links to journal article indexes and full-text databases most helpful for finding journal information about "culture and civilization." 


Here are some Spanish websites that provide additional information about culture and civilization in Spanish-speaking Latin America, Spain, and Hispanic America.