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Women's Studies


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1 in 4 Women Experienced Sexual Assault While in College, Survey Finds By Michele Richinick, Newsweek.  22 September 15.
Almost a quarter of undergraduate women surveyed at some of the top universities across the country said they were victims of sexual assault and misconduct as college students, according to a new report released Monday.  Overall, 23 percent of undergraduate women at 27 universities said they had been physically forced or threatened with force into unwanted sexual contact, according to the Association of American Universities' Campus Climate Survey. For undergraduate men, the percentage was 5 percent. AAU defined sexual assault as actions ranging from "sexual harassment, stalking and intimate partner violence" to "nonconsensual penetration."  The survey, conducted from April 1 to 17, was sent to nearly 780,000 students at the association's 26 member colleges, as well as Dartmouth College, a nonmember. About 150,000 women participated in the online questionnaire.

Two Female Soldiers Make History by Completing Army Ranger School. By Elliot Hannon, Slate 18 August 15. 
The U.S. Army is set—for the first time—to graduate two female soldiers from the Army Ranger School, the Army announced on Monday. The two female lieutenants, both in their twenties, successfully completed the Army’s punishing 9-week training course and will graduate with the Ranger class on Friday.

Benjamin Hennig illustrates global gender inequality with the Gender Inequality Index Value.  
The unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender is a deeply rooted problem in most societies. It started becoming an important part of academic research in the 1980s. The issue of gender inequality also became, in various measures, part of the Human Development Index (HDI), the annual report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and was eventually integrated as the Gender Inequality Index (GII) in the 2010 report. It is designed to measure the loss of achievement within a country caused by gender inequality.

It's a Men's, Men's, Men's World.  By MANOHLA DARGIS.  New York Times. December 28, 2014. 
"Those doing the hiring used to be almost all men. In 1987, Dawn Steel became the president of Columbia Pictures, making her the first woman to run a major Hollywood studio. Since then, women have held power positions throughout the industry and two women now help run studios and others head up divisions. For years, I thought more female executives would mean more female directors. Yet sexism in the workplace doesn't necessarily surface in clear, crude ways, and it's unusual for anything damning or actionable in the movie business to leak out. Sexism there often works like a virus that spreads through ideas, gossip, and stories about women, their aesthetic visions and personal choices, and doubts about whether they can hack it in that male-dominated world. Of course, the end result is that female directors don't get hired."

What Do Video Games Have Against Women? How One Critic Is Trying to Change a $25 Billion Industry. By Sheelah Kolhatkar.  Business Week. December 1, 2014 issue 4405. pp 46-49.

Fifty Years Later, A Look At How Harvard's Women MBAs Have Fared.  November 22, 2014 5:20 PM ET
" It's the 50th anniversary of the admission of women to Harvard's MBA program. To commemorate, the Harvard Business Review conducted a survey of thousands of MBA graduates on their career and lives."

U.S. Department of Education Releases List of Higher Education Institutions with Open Title IX Sexual Violence Investigations, May 1, 2014. 
The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released today a list of the higher education institutions under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. In the past, Department officials confirmed individual Title IX investigations at institutions, but today's list is the first comprehensive look at which campuses are under review by OCR for possible violations of the law's requirements around sexual violence.

Last Amazon. Wonder Woman Returns.  By Jill Lepore.  New Yorker.  September 22, 2014, pp 63-74
Lepore is a Harvard historian and a staff writer for the New Yorker.  Her article on Wonder Woman discusses the recent inclusion of the character in movies and her creator (a male psychologist) whose family was invovled with women's suffrage and feminism.

'Passages' Author Reflects On Her Own Life Journey by NPR Staff, September 20, 2014 4:55 PM ET
Journalist and author Gail Sheehy has taken readers into the minds and hearts of countless important figures. Throughout her career, she's written in-depth character portraits of Hillary Clinton, Michael Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher, among others. She's also dug deep into people's lives and personalities more broadly. Her influential 1976 bestseller Passages examined the predictable crises people experience as they age, and follow-ups like The Silent Passage: Menopause and Understanding Men's Passages continued to map how people change as time goes on. But in her latest book, Daring: My Passages, Sheehy turns inward, reflecting on her own life journey. This time, her subject is a trailblazing woman who made a name for herself in journalism at a time when it was dominated by men. Sheehy worked in the women's department of the New York Herald Tribune, known as "the estrogen zone," before becoming a pioneer of long-form magazine journalism in the late 1960s.

For Working Mothers, a Price to Pay,  Claire Cain Miller. New York Times. September 7, 2014. 
"One of the worst career moves a woman can make is to have children. Mothers are less likely to be hired for jobs, to be perceived as competent at work or to be paid as much as their male colleagues with the same qualifications. For men, meanwhile, having a child is good for their careers. They are more likely to be hired than childless men, and tend to be paid more after they have children."

Troll Slayer: A Cambridge Classicist Takes on Her Sexist Detractors. 
Rebecca Mead.  New Yorker.  Volume 90, no 25, Sept. 1, 2014.  pp 30-36.
Profile of professor Mary Beard, a British classicist and prolific writer.  "With ambiale indignation, she explored the ways that men have silenced outspoken women since the days of the ancients." in a lecture at the British Museum titled "Oh Do Shut Up Dear".