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Geology & Earth Sciences

History of CA Geological Survey

Over the years, it has had many iterations, so understanding the history may help you find the publication you need.

Geological Survey of California, established in 1860

California State Mining Bureau, 1880

California Division of Mines, 1927

California Division of Mines and Geology, 1962

California Geology Survey, 2006

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California Geological Survey

Indexes--Old School, but when the Internet goes down.....

  • California Geology Magazine Index (1948-1986) Ref TN 24 .C2 A42
    Some of the index is online, 1991-2001. Also indexed in GeoRef.
    We own the journal in print, California Geology Magazine 1971-2001 and previously known as Mineral information service : a publication of the California Division of Mines and Geology 1948-1970.  
  • Consolidated Index of Publications (1880-1943) Ref TN 24 .C2 A4
    Issued by the California Division of Mines and Geology (CDMG and currently kown as the California Geological Survey. Subject index to ~ 170 bulletins and reports of the State Mineralogist. It indexes: California Geology, California Journal of Mines & Geology and the Mineral Information service.

  • List of Available Publications (1944-?) Ref TN 24 .C2 A41
    An annual update to the above. Also indexs the Special Report, County Report, Miscellaneous Publications and various map series published by the Division.


Locating often used state geology publications


  Series Name   Call Number   Years   We Have (in print)

CA Dept of Water Resources


REF TD 224 .C2 A32

1922- present


CA Division of Mines and Geology [DMG]


TN 4 C2 .A3

1896- present

No. 9- present


Report of the State Geologist

TN 24 C2 .A325

1886, 1888, 1890, 1957/58-1975/76

No. 6, 8, 10, 55-69


Special Report

TN 24 C2 .A33

1950- present


CA Geological Survey

California Geology Magazine

on 3 North

1971-2001 (1948-1970 under the name
Mineral Information Service)


Open File Report

TN 24 .C2 O7
[the letter 'O" not the number

incomplete: from 72-33 through 97-10B

To determine if we have a specific publication, begin with a keyword search in the EUREKA Library Catalog. Finding state publications can be extremly confusing. Please ask for help if you are not locating what you need.