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Geology & Earth Sciences


  • Did you know that you can't search the Library databases the same way you do Google? Watch this short video to learn how to search for articles effectively.

  • To find a specific journal  select  Advanced Search in OneSearch and choose Material Type = journals

  • To improve your database search results try using the truncation symbol, an asterisk *  Click here to learn more about truncation when searching the EbscoHost databases.


Indexes--Old School, but when the Internet goes down.....

  • California Geology Magazine Index (1948-1986) Ref TN 24 .C2 A42
    Searchable databse is online. Also indexed in GeoRef.
    We own the journal in print, California Geology Magazine 1971-2001 and previously known as Mineral information service : a publication of the California Division of Mines and Geology 1948-1970.  
  • Consolidated Index of Publications, [CDMG] (1880-1943) Ref TN 24 .C2 A4
    Issued by the California Division of Mines and Geology (CDMG and currently known as the California Geological Survey. Subject index to ~ 170 bulletins and reports of the State Mineralogist. It indexes: California Geology, California Journal of Mines & Geology and the Mineral Information service.
  • List of Available Publications [CDMG] (1944-2002) Ref TN 24 .C2 A41
    An annual update to the above. Also indexes the Special Report, County Report, Miscellaneous Publications and various map series published by the Division.



Article Databases

Articles can be identified by searching in one of the Library databases. There may be aditional databases listed under the Specific Subjects within Geology tab.

Finding the Actual Article

Many of the databases will only provide you with a citation. To retreive the full text of an article from within most databases, use the Find It @SacState link, which can usually be found at the end of a database record summary.

  • Use OneSearch for USGS publications
    The Library receives many publications from the USGS. Begin with OneSearch searching for title of the article/publication. If you don't have luck try a keyword search under the series name (professional papers, water supply paper, etc.) If all else fails, go to the list of the most popular series listed in the USGS tab at the top of the page.