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Selected Resources on Ancient Mesoamerica


Books can serve as a solid foundation for a research paper. Books can provide depth and coverage to a topic. Use EUREKA to find books.

When looking at a book, be sure to browse the bibliography or reference list and identify titles of interest. You can look up books you find that way in EUREKA. You can see if we own the journal by checking the Journal Title tab on the Library homepage.

Find Books with OneSearch

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OneSearch has replaced the EUREKA Library Catalog!

Use the advanced search search box and be sure to limit your search to Books (use the dropdown associated with Material Type:) to retrieve monographs in print and electronic format on topics related to Ancient Mesoamerica.

Keyword Searching:
  • Searches only for the words, not the concepts.
  • Is often the best search to do initially, until you know what the Subject terms are.
  • Can be used in conjunction with an outline to conceptualize a topic.

Subject Searching (Change the search Dropdown Box from "Any" to "in subject"):
  • Searches the concept (as defined by the Library of Congress Subject Headings)
  • Is often better done when the keyword search isn't garnering material appropriate to the topic.
  • May take more work, but will yield better results than a keyword search.




Selected databases for articles on Ancient Mesoamerican culture or groups:

Selected Journals

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Finding the Actual Article

Many of the databases will only provide you with a citation. To retrieve the full text of an article from within most databases, use the Find It @SacState link, which can usually be found at the end of a database record summary.