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Education Leadership & Policy Studies

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Welcome to the CSUS Library Research Guide on Biological Sciences.  Click on the tabs above for specific resources, materials, and searching techniques.


College of Education Information

The College of Education is located in room 206 Eureka Hall. Telephone - 278-9939.

Five Steps to Successful Research

1.   Read an essay by an expert on your subject to learn important names , dates , and terminology to use in further searching. References at the end of the essay often list the core research articles on the topic.  (TAB above)
         Tools:  Specialized handbooks and encyclopedias
2.   Find books on your topic
         Tool:  OneSearch
3.   Find peer-reviewed articles on your topic 
         Tools:  Databases, Articles, & Journals (TAB above)
4.   Consider specialized sources such as:
         Statistical information: googleScholar or
         CSUS theses/projects/dissertations : Scholarworks
         Government publications: or
HINT: When searching the Internet via google advanced, limit domain to: .edu, .gov, .org for scholarly results
5.   Evaluate your material: Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
      1.)   Intended audience - general, specialist, student?
      2.)   Purpose: inform, entertain, persuade?
      3.)   Author's credentials: affiliation, education, occupation, publications?
      4.)   Publisher: learned society, research institution, commercial, private, political
      5.)   Refereed, reviewed, or edited journal?
      6.)   Documentation: sources cited, bibliography, list of references?
For Internet Web sources, in addition to the above ask yourself:
      7.)   What is the value of the Web site compared to the range of other sources available on
              this topic?
      8.)   When was the Web item produced and last revised - currency?
      9.)   Does the text follow basic rules of grammar, spelling, composition?
     10.)  Is contact information for the author included in the document?